Carpet needs to be dried as quickly as possible when wet so the subfloor does not become damaged or moldy. Flooring specialists at family-owned 1 Stop Interiors are always available to advise if you need more help after reviewing the following clean-up tips.

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Damp carpeting

There are several ways to dry carpet flooring:

  • Run a fan toward the wet area to help moisture evaporate.
  • Use a dehumidifier to dry it by pulling moisture out of the air.
  • Lay rags or towels over the damp area and pat dry; repeat if necessary.
  • Use a hair blow dryer at a low or medium setting (to avoid damage).

Soaking wet carpet

If your flooring has been soaked with clean water (rather than dirty water that requires professional clean-up), do the following:

  • Rent a sizeable wet-dry vacuum from a local hardware or home improvement store.
  • Extract as much water as possible, lift the carpet off the tack strips with pliers, and remove the padding.
  • Run a fan and a dehumidifier in the room and open windows. Likely, it will take days for the flooring and subfloor to dry.
  • Lay new, identical padding after the area is dry and put the carpet back in place.

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